Carlton Hobbs on the History of TEFAF Maastricht

The first exhibition in Maastricht opened as the Pictura Fine Art Fair in 1975. Throughout the following years, the fair underwent numerous changes of name while continuing to expand and attract an increasingly prestigious array of dealers from around the world. In 1988, it moved locations to the Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre and became The European Fine Art Fair. One last name change in 1996 shortened this to TEFAF Maastricht.

As it grew in fame and attendance, the fair received numerous additions to its displays, such as a section for 20th-century design. In 2008, TEFAF instituted a publication detailing the state of the international art market. Now more than 260 vendors travel from 18 countries to feature the finest antiques and works of art at the yearly event, which in 2012 celebrated its 25th anniversary.

About Carlton Hobbs: A respected antique vendor, Carlton Hobbs concentrates on collecting works from the 17th through 19th centuries at his company Carlton Hobbs, LLC, which is now based in New York. He exhibits at numerous respected antiques fairs throughout the world, including TEFAF in the Netherlands, the Biennale in France, the Fall and Winter Antiques Shows at the Armory in New York, and Masterpiece in London.


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