British Antique Dealers Association Fosters Confidence Between Sellers and Buyers By Carlton Hobbs

Established in 1918, the British Antique Dealers Association (BADA) has maintained a reputation for top standards for nearly a century. As the trade association for high-level antique dealers in Britain, BADA’s mission has always been to establish and maintain confidence in its members and buyers through a stringent set of bylaws and code for business standards.

Whether selling or purchasing from a BADA member, clients know they are working with an expert in this specialized field of the business. The organization ensures that it provides reliable information and comprehensive advice on the care of art or objects. Additionally, discretion is standard in the sale or purchase of collections. Restoration or advice about restoration should also be expected when working with a BADA member.

About the author: Carlton Hobbs is an international antiques dealer who began his career in London; he has been a member of BADA since 1986. Currently headquartered in New York City, Carlton Hobbs Antiques is open from Monday through Friday 9am-6pm and on weekends by appointment. For more information, see


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