Carlton Hobbs, LLC, and its Portfolio of Intriguing Antique Desks

An antiques dealer headquartered in New York City, Carlton Hobbs, LLC, offers high-quality antique furniture, marble, paintings, and other fine objects. Among its diverse holdings, the firm offers several desks dating from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. One such desk, a writing table from Munich, Germany, circa 1817, was crafted out of mahogany and includes ebony inlay, as well as gilt bronze mounts. Another item, a George III mahogany poudreuse, dates to approximately 1765. The George III architect’s table, also from 1765 and also crafted from mahogany, differs from the poudreuse in that it exhibits a rectangular ratcheted top in addition to a pair of rococo brass swan handles.

For more modern tastes, Carlton Hobbs, LLC, offers a mahogany writing table manufactured by the Kittinger Furniture Company in the first part of the last century. However, it shows the influence of 18th-century campaign furniture, making it a particularly interesting fusion of 20th- and 18th-century design sensibilities.

To view a photograph of each of the above antiques, please log on to


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