Carlton Hobbs: How to Care For High Quality Antique Furniture

Since 1983, antiques dealer Carlton Hobbs has owned London-based Carlton Hobbs, LLC, Antiques and Fine Art. Carlton Hobbs shows and sells art and antiques across the globe, including at TEFAF Maastricht and New York City’s Art and Antique Dealers League of America show.

Caring for antique furniture requires attention and care not normally given to regular, recently constructed furniture. The value and appearance of antique furniture can be preserved through proper cleaning and storage.

Do not keep antique furniture in direct sunlight, as ultraviolet light can damage wood and fabric, and darken finishes. Too much sun can also cause bleaching, and even cause timber to split. While faded mahogany is actually highly prized, the fading must occur evenly and over a long period.

Avoid using wax sprays, furniture oils, or silicone-based polishes to clean antique furniture. These products contain chemicals that can destroy finishes and even attract dirt and dust. Instead, apply natural beeswax with a soft cloth about once every eight months.

If damage to antique furniture occurs, the best course of action is to contact the dealer who sold the piece to find out how it can be restored.


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