About Carlton Hobbs

Over the last 28 years, antiques and fine arts dealer Carlton Hobbs has established a global business in acquiring, preserving, and selling furniture and works of art from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. He is currently the Director of the New York City-based Carlton Hobbs Antiques, and he found his calling at the age of nine, when he sold his first furniture piece to a customer of his father’s company.

By age 16, Carlton Hobbs had established his first antiques dealership in a booth of a furniture outlet located along London’s famed Kings Road. After just a few short years, Hobbs was able to move his budding business into a larger shop nearby and began providing period English pieces to some of the West End of London’s prominent dealers. In 1983, Carlton Hobbs Antiques became the company’s name. Over the following years, Carlton Hobbs Antiques experienced rapid expansion, spurred on by the founding of a world-class research department; regular appearances at leading trade shows, including New York City’s Winter Antiques Show; and the launch of a successful advertising campaign spearheaded by Saatchi & Saatchi. Major private collectors from around the globe began to seek out Hobbs to expand their collections with his vast inventory of English and Continental style desks, cabinets, tables, lighting fixtures, paintings, and other furniture and art.

Today, Carlton Hobbs Antiques serves primarily private and institutional collectors. Some of the world’s most prominent museums now house pieces from Hobbs’ collection, among them the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; The Bowes Museum; the National Gallery of Greece; and the J. Paul Getty Museum. Carlton Hobbs Antiques continues to appear at international antiques fairs and has exhibited at Biennale de Paris, the Grosvenor House Arts & Antiques Fair, and the seasonal shows held at the Armory in New York City.


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